tan ning-sang is a writer from Hong Kong currently based in Germany. Her writing covers topics including race, gender, mental health, disability, decolonization, and Hong Kong.

Quarantine as Disability Solidarity
An Invitation into Virtualized (In)accessible Living
By tan ning-sang

While I hope for the pandemic to end and for less lives to be put in danger, I also hope that the experience of quarantine, which has forcibly and suddenly shrunken our individual and collective freedoms and capacities, can be an opportunity for able-bodied folks to think about how this is, has always been, and will always be the “normal” that people with disabilities must live with.

Disability, God, and Me
A Journey in Seeing Disability at the Heart of God
By tan ning-sang

There are many stories about Jesus’ miracles: a bleeding woman healed, blind men given sight, the dead raised to life. Coming to faith in a charismatic church, I witnessed similar miracles: I saw someone wheelchair-bound stand up, a blind man receive sight, a couple where the wife had raised the husband from the dead.