Dr. Tim Tseng is all about helping Jesus followers flourish wherever faith and life meet. He is currently the Pacific Area Director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM). His ministries have included being a seminary professor, scholar, founder of a nonprofit organization, and pastor. Tim’s heart aches for a generation of Asian American students and leaders who will awaken the world to God’s coming kingdom.

A Church For Us
By Tim Tseng

From one perspective, my life has been like the Oscar-winning movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Like Benjamin Button, my path in ministry went in reverse. I started as a theological educator and engaged academia for 12 years. Then I became a pastor.

Chinese Evangelical Vincent Chin Pronounced Dead
What if Vincent Chin had been an evangelical Christian?

"Why was he in a place like that?" Mom nearly shouted into the phone. Mom hung up the phone and returned to the dinner table. "That was your Aunt Lily. Cousin Vincent is in the hospital now. Very badly beaten. In a coma. Two men were arrested. They were white."

Responding to Power
by Timothy Tseng

NEARLY 10 YEARS AGO, I was denied tenure. Despite receiving the highest recommendation by the tenure review committee, my application was rejected by our seminary president.