Viji Nakka-Cammauf is the President of Little Flock Children’s Homes a ministry to orphans and widows . She is on the faculty of Sam Higginbotham’s Institute of Science, Agriculture, and Technology, in India where she teaches Spiritual Formation for doctoral students. She serves as professor of Record for the Perspectives Study program. She coleads and lectures for the India Mayterm Program for Westmont College in Missions and Social Justice. She is the editor of “The Asian American Christianity Reader” for the Institute of the Study of Asian American Christianity. She has led many short term service teams to Mexico and India and mentored young adults and college students pursuing ministry and missions. Viji serves on several ministry boards including the Harvest Group, the William Carey Heritage Foundation and Covenant World Relief. In the past Viji Cammauf has served as an Associate Pastor at First Covenant Church in Oakland. She has spoken at numerous churches and student retreats and conferences and serves as a mentor to those serving in ministry and missions both locally and globally. Viji holds an BA and MA in English and PhD in Theology and the Arts.

Reshaping an Indian Spirituality
By Viji Nakka-Cammauf

When I came to the United States for higher education, I was a practicing Hindu and a seeker. Discipled by my Hindu mother, I followed and believed in the teachings of Hinduism without any concern until I was in high school. It was during my high school years that I encountered the Freedom Fighters who served alongside Gandhi to win liberation for India from the British.