Issue #71 | Feb 04, 2021


Utopias can be catalysts that refine and discipline the hard work of moving forward.
The practice of utopia creates a sort of muscle memory for our better angels. We run these thoughts over grooves that deepen, neurons that strengthen. If we don’t use this imaginative power, it is ours to lose.
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Poems on Utopia
By Sagaree Jain

We kick off our "Utopia" series with two poems from Sagaree Jain.

In and Out of Hot Water
By Kenji Kuramitsu

My uncle used to tell me stories about the war. How the guys on the other side when they were captured would always say that they were only farmers and teachers, that they were just following orders. “Are your hands any more clean than mine?”

The Power is in the Choosing
By Marsha Ungchusri

I wrote this piece to give myself permission to suspend the beliefs I’ve internalized over the years, to freely imagine myself being a mother — something that both terrifies and delights me. What would it look like to raise my child from a place of thriving and abundance compared to the scarcity mindset of my immigrant parents? What would it feel like to tend to my child’s emotional needs as well as their physical needs?

A Letter to a Future Descendant
By Myles Markham

Our genealogies write themselves in traditions and often don’t “write” themselves at all. They are told, they are shared, they are lived. You and I come from peoples who pass and share wisdom, lessons, and riddles as a way to survive, heal, and thrive. You come from ways of life that recognize the balance, respect, and mutuality found in all of creation, and this is completely independent of blood percentages or what “parts” you are of this lineage or that lineage. You are whole. Unified. Integrated.

The Parable of the Sower, the Other Parable of the Sower, and the Oakland Peace Center
By Sandhya Jha

The future doesn’t look great. But it’s also a little utopian: people rally together to create a different way of being community. They grow food, they build shelter, they make family, they establish ritual and connection to the Divine.

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