Issue #73 | Aug 26, 2021


We all have experiences that are difficult to name or even remember. Memories that we consciously or unconsciously try to bury.
We all have experiences that are difficult to name or even remember. Memories that we consciously or unconsciously try to bury.
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Illustration by John "Enger" Cheng

John "Enger" Cheng serves as creative director of Inheritance. He is a Los Angeles-based artist, designer and illustrator. He graduated from the University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts and is co-founder of Winnow+Glean. You can see his illustrative work and store at

The White Lady
Ghost Stories and the Power of Colonial Storytelling
By Yanan Melo

Spanish and American colonizers brought whiteness upon our lands. Today, whiteness lingers as a ghost, and many Filipinos struggle to see beyond it, cursed with an inferiority complex that strives for the white ideal — an ideal that can never truly be achieved.

Journey to the Midwest
By Jennifer Duann Fultz

“Journey to the Midwest” is a retelling of my father’s immigration story in the style of the classical Chinese novel, "Journey to the West".

My Creatures and I: Loving the Girls I’ve Been
By Serena Lee

One way to think about the impact of trauma is to consider the impact accidents have on a car. If a car crashes, it will most likely require fixing. Repeated crashes will most likely lead to even greater issues, not only externally, but also internally. Even if the car can still run, it’s likely that without intervention, its capacity to remain functional will be limited and quickly depleted.

Walking the Path of Marigolds
Extending Hospitality to the Dead as a Hospital Chaplain
By Jordan Aspiras

When I started embracing loss, death, and grief more openly, I found myself feeling a sense of freedom that I did not know before. I was suddenly more available to my own grief and the grief of others. I learned to be gracious with the me whom I have left behind.

Money, Eros, and Spirit Revision
By Xeres Villanueva

The journey of freeing myself from the money ghosts and even befriending them has been like a spiraling staircase. I may be walking up or down the stairs and still uncover layers. It has not been a straightforward ride. It has required shifting and de-conditioning my sense of self before being motivated to seek out money mindset therapy and financial literacy work that does not reinforce prosperity gospel, bootstrap mentality, binary thinking, or economic injustice.

Tale of Two Hauntings
By Maika Llaneza

My spirituality today is still ever-evolving, but I am each and both and all my ancestors at the same time. I think this is indicative of our world and how, even with our differences, we can learn so much from one another and live peacefully side by side.

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