Issue #74 | Nov 19, 2021

All's Well That Ends Well?

The word "goodbye" can hold love, gentleness, peace, and goodness even amidst sorrow and ache.
Grieving An Ambiguous Relationship
By Annie Li

After my grandma’s death, I found myself in this place of ambiguity. I didn’t lose her at the moment she died; rather, our relationship gradually waned as I grew up in the U.S., linguistically and culturally distant from her.

By Jessica Gapasin Dennis

What is the proper response to the sacrifice of all those who came before me? Who decides when it is enough?

A Tug on the Threads Between Us
By Cindy J. Huang

In some ways, this end feels final, and in other ways, it feels like a semicolon, the uncertainty of the direction of our relationship hovering in the air like a dandelion in the wind. Maybe one day one of us will be ready to reach out to mend the broken threads ... or create new ones. 

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