Issue #75 | Mar 10, 2022

Nature and Nurture

In order to protect nature, we must relearn how to nurture.
Climate change will be the historically defining issue of our lifetimes, and I’ve gotten to see things unfold up close.
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Photography by Philippe Lazaro

Philippe Lazaro is a climate communicator, a storyteller, and a visual artist. His work strives to promote justice, presence, and hope through a global perspective. As the Communications Manager for the nonprofit Plant With Purpose, he aims to promote rural community development through ecological and spiritual lenses. He also hosts the Grassroots Podcast where he seeks to refocus the climate conversation on the people and communities who are most affected by the crisis at hand. Philippe’s visual art is inspired by lessons from nature, travel, and human resilience. His multidisciplinary approach to storytelling has uncovered a broad array of subjects ranging from the proliferation of Thai cuisine internationally to the false promises of recycling programs. He lives in Southern California with his wife and kids.

On the Road with Sages and Saviors
Unexpected Roots and Unexpected Life
By Easten Law

Amidst this raging pandemic, I wondered what my roots were made of? If I am cut down, will I begin to decompose or will my life find other ways of springing forth?

Planted in a Wound
By Natalie Louie

Sometimes I wish to be something other than me, a fledgling that grows steady as the sun when it rises up in the morning from its quiet rest.

To All Those Who Care
By Karen Mac

Contemporary Christian culture often teaches us to be generous with our time, our resources, our possessions. We are told to give and give and give until it hurts, or until we have no more left to give.

On (Not) Losing Kapwa in Translation
By BJ Gonzalvo

Kapwa is a word that begs for something more than just a literal Tagalog-to-English translation. Just how does one unravel a word that deeply undergirds the Filipino cultural psyche, a core value that is inextricably woven into the fabric of our Filipino identity?

A Recipe for Abundance
By Lu Han

What is enough? When can we slow down, dare to rest, or think about something beyond providing for ourselves? This scarcity mindset seeped into my early attempts to understand faith. The gospel was good news, but how could I trust its permanence?

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