God is at Work
By Diane Ujiiye
59: A Peace Apart
Jan 15, 2018 | min read

Oh Creator, Redeemer
Sovereign Lord and Savior

Where are you on this street
Where I live
Where you live

Amidst rubble, tracks, empty cans, and marked walls
Sirens scream by
As the homies
Gather on my own

Flashing lights, wailing sirens
On the daily
Who are they for?

For Tanya, Victor, Jesse, and Antonio
For Joe, who just got out
For Ted, who cannot lift his head

How will they see you?
How do they take hold
of your promise

You move through poverty of home, heart, neighborhood, and soul
You overcome
the numbing
of what is inhaled, ingested, injected

And what of this system?
This scale of economy
Where class and race
Cause clash and space

Creator, Redeemer
Our sovereign Lord and Savior
We trust you are here
Amidst this rubble; the jetsam and flotsam
of our collective fear
We see you are here

May we be amazed
as we gaze
as we seek
the courageous
the meek

All glory, praise, hope and joy
Amen and amen

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