Diane Ujiiye — Activist minister. Asian American Pacific Islander - Christians for Social Justice. Fuller grad. Former chair of the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs.

Gut Check
Twenty-Nine Questions to Consider on Capitalism
By Diane Ujiiye

When I was about 7 years old, I remember feeling very distraught as I questioned why houses in the hills were much nicer than the houses on the boulevard. Our home overlooked Echo Park and downtown Los Angeles, and we could hear the roar of a Dodgers game and see fireworks from the stadium on certain occasions.

By Diane Ujiiye

“Those affected by mass incarceration.” That could be you. That chair you’re sitting on. Where was it made? Those streets you avoid. Those people you’re afraid of. Scared of. Scared of what? And why?

God is at Work
By Diane Ujiiye

Oh Creator, Redeemer Sovereign Lord and Savior Where are you on this street Where I live Where you live

Sun Seeps
The Art of Teaching
By Diane Ujiiye on Scott Kushigemachi

Scott teaches English composition as a way of encouraging “reason and imagination [as] resources necessary for human flourishing”.