Chucky Kim is a music producer and bassist. Based in Los Angeles, he works both locally and internationally in genres spanning hip- hop, funk, rock, and pop. As a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, his research interests include examining the ethics of creativity in community arts contexts. Find him instagramming his wife and pups via @chuckykim_ and logging his work at

Church as a Transcendent Collective
by Chucky Kim

“COMMUNITAS AND COLLECTIVE effervescence describe aspects or moments of communal excitement; there is no word for the love — or force or need — that leads individuals to seek ecstatic merger with the group.” - Barbara Ehrenreich

The Philosophy of K-Funk
By Chucky Kim of ruth + the library

WE REALLY DIDN'T HAVE A STYLE. It’s not like our parents knew how to teach us, they were barely able to keep the lights on. They needed a break, so they took us to church.

Peace Making: The Art of Listening
Transcending peace through music in the inner city community

PEACE IS A STRANGE WORD. It denotes a number of realities: a sense of place, an affirmation of identity, and a pivotal shift of reality.