Dawn Chow (she/her) is a lighter and dustier blue than she was a few years ago, a peculiar sign of growth and becoming. She is currently a seminary student (M.Div in Spiritual Direction), an editor for Ricepaper Magazine, and an apprentice setter at her local rock climbing gyms. She is sustained by baos and tea, and marries poetry and photography on IG, @sunrisechowie.

Sacred Endings
By Dawn Chow

The word "goodbye" can hold love, gentleness, peace, and goodness even amidst sorrow and ache.

Extraordinary Women
By the women of Inheritance

In this issue, we celebrate women who are “extra” and generous with their abundance; women who are “ordinary” and committed to their everyday sacredness. All extraordinary.

Rocks, Trees, and Femininity
A Reflection on Musculinity and Femininity
By Dawn Chow

I write this to the women who feel they do not belong to the believing community as a result of what has happened to them or who they have discovered themselves to be, and to the women who feel as though femininity is a foreign or oppressive word.