Lauren Dominguez Chan serves as a story producer for Inheritance. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she is now a senior at Yale University, where she studies English with a concentration in creative writing. Apart from writing and editing, Lauren enjoys working with her college chaplaincy and other interfaith communities.

Extraordinary Women
By the women of Inheritance

In this issue, we celebrate women who are “extra” and generous with their abundance; women who are “ordinary” and committed to their everyday sacredness. All extraordinary.

By Lauren Dominguez Chan

The practice of utopia creates a sort of muscle memory for our better angels. We run these thoughts over grooves that deepen, neurons that strengthen. If we don’t use this imaginative power, it is ours to lose.

On Earth as in Heaven
By Lauren Chan

These days, I say The Lord’s Prayer with more urgency and more confusion than before. “On earth as it is in heaven” feels unimaginable, a single-minded plea in a maelstrom of distress.

Free to Share
By Lauren Chan

In this issue, we have stories of similarity and difference, and the ways that they complicate and complement each other. When we write about our differences, we explore our own particularity, but when we share them, we discover the universal.