Issue #38 | Dec 01, 2015

The Next Step

KAN SHEN ME, XUE SHEN ME. My mom would shake her head at me whenever I picked up the antics of certain movie characters. “Monkey see, monkey do.”
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Cover illustration by Kathy Sungkaluxsa
Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
A Savage Journey Through Art and Asian American Depression
By Jason Chu

FEAR. SADNESS. UNCERTAINTY. These emotions used to scare me, but I’ve been discovering that they’re actually the feeling of breaking new ground.

Sun Seeps
The Art of Teaching
By Diane Ujiiye on Scott Kushigemachi

Scott teaches English composition as a way of encouraging “reason and imagination [as] resources necessary for human flourishing”.

Money Maketh Man
By Steven Hartono

MY MOM ALWAYS SAID, “Trust God, have faith, and you’ll have no reason to worry.”

Unspectacular and Insignificant
My Calling to Pastoral Ministry
By Mike Whang

I WAS CRYING MY EYES OUT during the final few miles of my trek into town.

Authentic Belonging
by Joyce Hiendarto

GROWING UP IN INDONESIA as an ethnic Chinese girl, I was often told to “go back to your country” by strangers on the street. For years, I was often reminded that I was a minority in the country I called home.

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