Issue #43 | May 01, 2016


SEVERAL YEARS AGO, I brought our church's worship team to the home studio of a good friend and jazz fusion artist who's a part of our church.
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Cover art by Gene Luen Yang
Makoto Fujimura
On Believing and Beauty

KEN: Tell us now about your journey as an artist, as a painter. MAKOTO: My father is a renowned scientist and my mother is an educator,

Mark Redito
Make Them Move
By Jason chu with mark redito

ASIAN AMERICAN MUSIC is maddeningly difficult to pin down: What is Asian American music, who is making it, and why? Is it music made by Asian Americans? For Asian Americans?

Superhero, Immigrant, and Refugee
More to the Superman Myth Than Just His Powers
By Giovanny Panginda with Gene Luen Yang

SUPERMAN WASN'T ALWAYS the archetypal defender of "truth, justice, and the American way" when Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first introduced him in Action Comics #1 in 1938.

Finding Soy Sauce and Sensibility in Wichita, Kansas
By Naomi Hirahara

I FELL IN LOVE WITH GRACE, feeling the tentacles of its inexplicable love invade me when I needed it most. Especially when I was 8, when I had accidentally injured a boy at my Japanese-language school.

The Philosophy of K-Funk
By Chucky Kim of ruth + the library

WE REALLY DIDN'T HAVE A STYLE. It’s not like our parents knew how to teach us, they were barely able to keep the lights on. They needed a break, so they took us to church.

An Abstract Archive
A Blending of Church and Art
By Jenny Goto

IN 1929, Azusa Setsuda was 31 years old with six children, including a newborn baby, when her husband died from the flu.

In Great Company
Prophetic Stewardship and Space
By Adaobi Ugaogu with Carl Choi

AS YOU APPROACH the southern part of the Los Angeles Arts District, you come across a narrow back alleyway where warped monsters and psychedelic fonts jump off the wall of a large building.

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