Issue #32 | Jun 01, 2015


THE PEOPLE WERE SKEPTICAL of “Brandon” from the first moment he stepped on the church campus. Maybe it was because he seemed overly excited to be attending Sunday service.
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Cover illustration by Kin Lok
An Empty Room and An Open Heart
by Hanna Sung

WE ARE WEEKS AWAY from receiving our certification as a foster-to-adopt family.

We Are Family, All the Gangsters, Strangers and Me
by Alisa Wong with Lee Nguyen

LEE AND HAILY NGUYEN sleep in one room, which they share with their three young children.

A Cheerful Giver
by Yulan Lin with Meg and Randy Palisoc

RANDY HAS ALWAYS been generous with his time and resources.

Received With Hospitality
Lessons From a Vacation in Thailand
by Esther Kim

TUESDAY JANUARY 13, 2015 Janna says she’s going to Yai Pensi’s house and asks me if I want to go with her.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
by Anne Hu with Luke Hsu

IT IS OFTEN SAID, “Home is where the heart is.”

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