An Unexpected Advocate

One Pastor’s Calling to Love Openly Gay Christians

By Ken Uyeda Fong

Ken Uyeda Fong grew up in Sacramento, CA and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley. He completed his M.Div. degree in 1981 at Fuller Seminary, the same year he was called as the associate pastor of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles. He is also now the executive director of Fuller’s Asian American Initiative and assistant professor of Asian American church studies.

Part 1
More Than Just a Dream

I was sleeping soundly next to my wife when I “heard” a voice. I can’t tell you how, but I just knew in my spirit that this was the Lord God Almighty.

Part 2
Love That is Unexpected and Uncomfortable

A FEW MONTHS AFTER my January 2007 dream and shortly after my church board had decided to join me in risking our reputation, I began to meet with the Christian social justice group who spearheaded the debate on homosexuality.

Part 3
Caught Off Guard

For all of the energy and effort that had gone into building sufficient trust for Gary, Marian, and me to engage in an honest dialogue about Christianity and homosexuality for one night in May 2008, I’m sure many of those who saw this as a hopeful sign of more healthy interactions on this vexing issue were disappointed with what happened next: nothing.

Part 4
Finally Loving and Protecting All of God’s Sheep

THE ORIGINAL IDEA for the documentary film had just been scuttled and I returned home, dreading what my wife would say after hearing that my newly-formed project crew and I had agreed that the real movie should be about my personal journey to find a way for the church I led to love and include LGBTQ Christians more.