Camily Tsai was born in Taiwan and spent most of her youth in Southern California. She is an illustrator and designer who loves to explore multiple platforms of visual expressions and is always ready to tackle new creative challenges. Examples of her work may be seen on her website at

Finding My Name in the Family Book
By Sara Wolfgram Chang

A mentor once told me, “Sara, you can’t out-dream the plans God has for you.” I slowly nodded back as waves of dissonance washed over me. Truth had collided with my functional theology. Did God have plans and dreams for me?

Guilt, Pain, and Shame
By Andrew Tran

WHEN I WAS 4 years old, my very first memory of my father was how he used guilt to discipline me. “Don’t do that, Andrew, you don’t know how long I have to live.”

To the Moon and Back
In Search of a Homeland
by Jintaek Chung

I REMEMBER sitting in the back seat of the cab with my mom, staring up at the glowing white moon hovering over Korea — my ancestral homeland — and it kept following us.

A Generation of Poets

I WAS CRYING in the corner of my new kitchen when my mom called. "Hi Umma," I say in the brightest voice I could muster, tightening my vocal chords to curb them from shaking.