Hwanhee Kang is a Seoul-born, Texas-raised designer; she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in textile and apparel. After working in the fashion industry for almost four years, she was ready for a new challenge. Graphic design has been an incredible journey for her to approach design from a whole different angle and discover all the new possibilities it brings.

Finding Resilience in Korean American Christianity
The Intersection of Faith, Research, and Home
By Jonathon Sun

I am in Columbia, Missouri, sitting in a beautiful sanctuary with rows upon rows of chairs filled with people. Voices, instruments, and spirits blend together to create the ideal Sunday worship. People are standing, some lifting their hands, while others are silently taking it all in.

Family Scar Tissue
By Xeres Villanueva

Before the wake began, my cousins and I watched as my mother, her older sister, and her younger brother prayed together as a family. Suddenly, my mom started to pray eloquently in our regional dialect. Something was happening; my mother didn’t generally pray publicly or spontaneously.

Stick Out. Resist. Not Your Model Minority.
By Laura Mariko Cheifetz

Being Asian American is awesome. We are distinct for our diversity within one racialized group, our traditions, languages, religions, and stories of how we got here a wild tumble of beauty and difference, complicated by war and colonialism.

When Bad News Becomes Deafening
by Esther Cho with Sarah Park

I GREW UP in a Korean household where the news was always on in the background. It would play in Korean, so I distinctly remember not understanding what was happening.

Healing the Scars That Remain
by Arwen U*

MY DAD WASN'T ALWAYS that abusive. Until I was 9, he was relatively nice to us.