Kin Lok is a Los Angeles-based artist who is passionate about children’s books, freelance work, and seeing God’s truth proclaimed through his work. Please check out his website at

Replenish and Repeat
Growing Neurons in a Petri Dish
By Joshua Ho

WHEN NATE AND HIS BROTHERS were placed into my care, I gave them instructions on how to live in their new home and kept them in a plastic container for a week. Eventually, I moved Nate’s little family to a better home — a carefully cleaned and treated glass environment that I had custom-prepared for them.

Sun Seeps
The Art of Teaching
By Diane Ujiiye on Scott Kushigemachi

Scott teaches English composition as a way of encouraging “reason and imagination [as] resources necessary for human flourishing”.

Eat More, Eat Less
Food, Beauty, and Double Standards
by John Riley with Kate Suriyatip

Don’t let that 4’11” frame fool you — Kate Suriyatip, a self-proclaimed Thai-Texan who moved at age nine from Thailand to Texas and now lives in Southern California, can more than hold her own when it comes to food. And yes, she also happens to be my girlfriend.

Be Our Guest
by Daniel Chou

THE PEOPLE WERE SKEPTICAL of “Brandon” from the first moment he stepped on the church campus. Maybe it was because he seemed overly excited to be attending Sunday service.

Get Out of the Boat
by John Riley with Linh Ly

When Linh first became a Christian, she experienced an incredible hunger to grow in Christ.

Facing Ourselves
By Daniel Chou

Juvenile delinquents are visiting Litchfield Federal Penitentiary, and the inmates have been enlisted to scare them into setting their lives straight. “You think this is a joke? You want to end up here? You wouldn’t make it one night in here.”