Issue #36 | Oct 01, 2015

Slow Down

I’VE ALWAYS PRIDED MYSELF on how much work and stress I could handle. For a good portion of my life, I brought this mentality into church.
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Cover photography by Aaron Huang
What Dreams May Come
Pornography and its Effect on the Mission Field

I HAD A CRAZY, vivid dream during my first year on the mission field in Southeast Asia. In it, I was surrounded by attractive women lavishing me with attention. It was a feast of carnal entertainment, and I felt helpless to resist. The fantasy came to a climax when one woman got uncomfortably close, at which point her entire face transformed into a hideous snakelike demon.

Creating Sabbath Together
Finding a Rhythm of Rest in Marriage

I SCRUTINIZED THE FAMILIAR SCENE before me in the living room and felt a flash of annoyance. It was a November post-church Sunday afternoon, which only meant one thing: football.

A New Way to Relate to Rest

I ALWAYS ASSUMED I knew what Sabbath and rest looked like.I had a mental picture of solitude and silence, one that revolved around the idea of retreating — either into nature or into your own private space. Rest for me­ — especially as an introvert — meant taking a break from being around people and activity. Then my world turned upside down.

Burning Out and Fading Away

MY HUSBAND DAVID AND I have a heart for missions. We dedicated our lives to the unreached during a “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” class in college. As we prepared for the mission field, God made it clear that we were called not to use our jobs as a cover to share the gospel overseas.

Slow and Steady
Keeping the Big Picture in Perspective While Balancing Ministry Work

GROWING UP, I WITNESSED the hard work ethic of my dad, a chemical engineer who became an entrepreneur. He worked six, sometimes seven, days a week. I remember pleading with him to hang out with me on his days off. As you might guess, it didn’t happen very often. He was usually too tired to do anything.

He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures

IN 2012, I WAS DIAGNOSED with lupus. The disease left me wheelchair bound for half a year. Before my flare-up, I was working and going to school full time, which didn’t leave me with very much time to spend with God.

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