Paoju Lin is an illustrator who works and lives in Taiwan. Observing people and stuff around her is the way she gets inspiration. Also, it helps her to discover more possibilities for her artwork.

God Used Adoption to Save ... All of Us
By Ann Suk Wang

What have I done? I quietly asked myself this countless times the first year with our adopted child. Bonding was a challenge.

Joy I Cannot Share
BY Serena J. Poon

MY PARENTS are a power couple in the Chinese Christian community in the United States and abroad. I liken them to the Clintons; they have an equal and equitable partnership and are both seen as leaders.

Can I Be Angry at God?
A Sexual Abuse Survivor's Story
by Madeline Wu

OUTWARDLY, MY LIFE seems very put together. I was born into an upper middle class family; my parents are married; I have a loving husband and a beautiful son; I graduated from the University of California in Los Angeles; and I work as an oncology nurse.

Interrupting History
One Movie at a Time
by Rachel Changchien

THERE WAS A TIME when Asians weren't considered the model minority. Rather than being maneuvered to be pitted against other minority groups, the early wave of Chinese immigrants were considered a direct threat to white populations.

Vagina, Penis, and Being Created as Sexual Beings
By Daniel D. Lee

“DADDY, I HAVE A VAGINA and you have a penis, because I'm a girl and you are a boy." I was resting on the sofa, just minding my own business, when my daughter comes up and says this whole bit about the vagina and penis.

Too Close for Comfort
Being Pregnant and In Pain
by Aimee Sher

I BECAME PREGNANT immediately after we began to try for a baby. I thought I was ready. What they don’t tell you about pregnancy is that in primates, the fetus has the unique ability to implant its placenta directly into the closest large blood vessel of its mother.