Issue #25 | May 01, 2014

Made In __

I FOUND MYSELF in Colonial Williamsburg last December while visiting my sister's new apartment in Virginia. My parents had gotten a good deal on annual passes — perfect for whenever they would visit my sister.
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Cover photography by Wonho Frank Lee
Hidden Identities
By Matthew Bui

HE SITS ACROSS from me, sipping a hazelnut latte and enjoying the warmth of sunlight on his bronzed, oval-shaped face.

We Were Once Foreigners
By Eric Chen

As I walked into the local park to play basketball, I could tell by their haircuts, soft-spoken demeanor, and thick accents that most of the players on the court were from China or Taiwan.

A Heart for the Oppressed
By Alina Hui-Wen Sato

WITH A FEW WEEKS remaining before I was due to give birth to our first child, I was on maternity leave and the nesting drive was in full force.

Striving for Justice in Immigration Reform
By Nathanel Lowe

GROWING UP in the Asian American evangelical church, I learned that there were “good” immigrants and “bad” immigrants.

The Strangers Among Us
Where We as the Church Join
By Joyce Chang with Jenny Yang

VICE PRESIDENT of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief, an international relief and development non-profit. At the young age of 33, Jenny Yang is making her mark as a world changer.

Where is My Home?
By Hwalih Han

DO YOU EVER WONDER what it would feel like to become instantly blind, deaf, mute, paralyzed, and brain-dead — all at the same time?

The Need for Healing
By Jerome Gaw

MY JOURNEY BEGAN in seminary studying at Claremont School of Theology, with a motivation to serve through the local church. I did traditional church ministry for about six years, first as an intern, and then as an associate pastor at a Chinese church.

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