Issue #46 | Aug 01, 2016


I WAS QUITE ANXIOUS as I walked from my car to the mosque. I had no personal desire to be there, save that it was a mandatory assignment for my seminary class.
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Photography by Wonho Frank Lee
Come and Stay a While
Aspiring to Be Neighborly
by Joshua Lee

POP. POP. POP. My eyes shoot open at the unmistakable sound of gunfire and the squeal of tires. It’s after midnight. After I make sure my wife Melissa is unharmed, I turn to our 1-month-old baby boy.

Too Close for Comfort
Being Pregnant and In Pain
by Aimee Sher

I BECAME PREGNANT immediately after we began to try for a baby. I thought I was ready. What they don’t tell you about pregnancy is that in primates, the fetus has the unique ability to implant its placenta directly into the closest large blood vessel of its mother.

A Contaminating Touch of Love
by Michelle La

GOD MADE ME a person who loves and desires touch. I love giving hugs and not letting go. I love patting people on the back and squeezing people’s arms in af rmation or excitement when conversing.

Baring All in a Korean Sauna
by Angela Kim

I'M STANDING completely naked in Imperial Spa, a Korean sauna or jjimjilbang. After rinsing off the sweat from hours of lazing in heated rooms, I see other women who are taller than me, thinner than me, shorter than me, heavier set than me, but just as naked as me.

Unidentifiable Brown Male
by Chris Philip

THERE ARE THREE QUESTIONS I never want to hear again: What do you do? When are you getting married? Where are you from?

Healing in the Space Between
by Anita Colombara

I SAW THEM through the second floor window. A family of at least 20 — playing loud music, dancing, singing, eating, laughing at each other's jokes, holding each other's babies.

Behind the Face of Paradise
Hawaiʻii and Its People
by Brennan Takayama

WHILE STANDING in the courtyard of one of the oldest hotels in Waikīkī, I noticed a large monkeypod tree standing tall above a clean, well-trimmed lawn. It was magnificent, with branches that reached wide and a canopy that welcomed you in.

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