Issue #50 | Dec 01, 2016


MY PARENTS MOVED to Maryland seven months after they got married. Fresh out of his doctorate program, my dad was connected by his mentor to two possible job opportunities — one in San Francisco and one in Maryland.
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Cover photography by Wonho Frank Lee
Mixed Identity
Affirming the Whole Person
by Kaili Sandico

IN SEVENTH GRADE, I attended a camp where the speaker compared life to pie. Apple pie, to be exact.

To the Moon and Back
In Search of a Homeland
by Jintaek Chung

I REMEMBER sitting in the back seat of the cab with my mom, staring up at the glowing white moon hovering over Korea — my ancestral homeland — and it kept following us.

The Guilty Pair
by James Yu

HAVE YOU EVER been rejected by a church? The first stop on my month-long Asia trip: Shanghai.


IT LOOKED NOTHING like the photos my parents showed me when I was a little girl. The building was no longer a salmon-y pink with large, red Chinese characters adorning the entrance

The Cost of Choosing Invisibility
by Chris Chacko

TO MY NEPHEW: You're 2 years old as I write this letter. You're beginning to burst forth with the occasional phrase and idea, mixing your words with excited gibberish.

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