Issue #56 | Jun 15, 2017


Asian Americanness is a space for the young and the old, those who immigrated just recently and those whose ancestors immigrated a long time ago, the single hyphenated and the multi-hyphenated.
The idea for Inheritance began with a simple mandate. Already publisher of a popular Chinese Christian magazine, Sean saw an opportunity to do the same thing for the “second generation”. Share some testimonies, encourage readers.
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Darren Inouye

Darren Inouye is a Los Angeles-based artist with a desire to tell stories that will impact culture. Check out his work at

Bridging the Generational Divide Through Faith and Culture
Reflections of a Third Generation Samoan American
By Pausa Kaio Thompson

“We have a new student,” my teacher announced. “His name is ... Key-O ... Thompson from California.” It was my first day at Rankin Elementary School in Arlington, Texas, and it was a rare moment I was glad to be the only Samoan in the whole school. The way she pronounced my name, Kaio, actually changed it into a derogatory word in the Samoan language.

3 x 21
By Set (Angel B. Lee)

It was a frigid winter in Junla-Namdo, South Korea, a country still scarring from the Korean War. In a dark corner of a semi-outdoor kitchen, Hana silently cried as she rubbed the cheek that had been crisply slapped by her abusive mother-in-law.

Clinging to Hope During Uncertainty of the Japanese American Church
By Eric Iki

I grew up on a steady diet of Saturday mornings, pajamas, and cartoons. My brother and I would wake up as soon as the sun shone through the blinds. Together, we’d run to my parents’ room to ask them if we could watch TV.

God in the Alleyways
Uncovering a Chinatown Theology
By Sarah Lam Akutagawa

During the first planning meeting for InterVarsity’s Chinatown Program, I sat with two other Cantonese American women eating dumplings from small plastic bags. We were sitting in Portsmouth Square, a San Francisco Chinatown landmark filled with Chinese chess tournaments and slow-paced exercise classes.

The More, the Merrier
When Tribes Come Together
By Tim Yee

After six years as pastor of Union Church, I have found that leadership means constantly disappointing people. One of the most irritating but accurate truths about leadership comes from Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky’s “Leadership on the Line”.

Arirang as a Way to Yearn
By Sarah D. Park with Carlene Younghae Kim

Arirang is traditional Korean folk music that has been passed down by memory for over 600 years. It wasn't until 1869 that Christian missionary Homer B. Holbert went to South Korea and scored it black and immutable onto paper for the first time.

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