Issue #33 | Jul 01, 2015

Black Lives Matter

MY INITIAL REACTION to the 2014 film “Selma” was one of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong — the casting and acting were top notch, the cinematography was beautiful, and I was definitely moved to tears in certain scenes.
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Cover illustration by Kevin Jan
Faith and Activism, Step by Step
Reflections from the Last Surviving Japanese American Who Walked in the 1965 Selma Protest
by Alisa Wong with Todd Endo

LOOKING AT A PHOTO FROM 1963, you can spot Todd Endo with his mother and other Nisei, second generation Japanese Americans, around his mother’s age.

A Robbery Gone Wrong
by Peter Yoo

THE PHONE JUST KEPT RINGING and ringing. Usually, someone would pick up after just a couple of rings, but after about a dozen rings, I figured they must be busy.

Changing Obstacles to Vehicles
by Young Lee Hertig

ON NOVEMBER 6-7, 2014, The Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (ISAAC) organized our sixth annual symposium — and Los Angeles’ first-ever symposium between Asian American and African American faith leaders.

by Jason Chu

“Wo zhu le Niuyue yi nian. Hen weixian; nali you hen duo heiren.”

Same Problems
by Elliot Park with Socheat Chum

SOCHEAT DOESN'T HAVE TO IMAGINE what it’s like to grow up in the streets.

Racial Reconciler
By Anna Sun

A photo was taken of me with my sign, which had a message directed towards the Asian American students at UCSD. I didn’t know then how much this message would resonate with people, both in the Asian American and Black communities — until I woke up the next morning and saw this photo was being shared by thousands of people on social media.

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