Issue #45 | Jul 01, 2016

Imago Dei

I HAD A STORY in mind, about the time I was in a cast for six weeks. A moment of cockiness, compounded by wet grass from the morning dew, led to a full arm plaster cast for four weeks and a fiberglass cast for another two.
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Cover art by Nathalie Llemos
Don't Pray For What's Not Broken
by Eddy and Rhoda Suzuki Ekmekji

OUR THIRD CHILD, Liam, was born one early and beautiful Monday morning. The hospital staff was not concerned about his health or development, and neither were we.

Signs of Difference
by Debbie Chen Pichler

MY GRADUATE STUDENT and I stare intently at the video of a chubby-cheeked 6-year-old signing a story about a spider.

When Expectations Disable
by Eric Choi

LOOKING DIRECTLY INTO his eyes, I smiled and greeted him as warmly as I could. "Hi, Isaac!" No response. He was fixated on something else, his eyes gazing into a world unknown.

Prides and Prejudices
by Joanna Lee and Eri Cho

JOANNA: Take a deep breath, Joanna. Why am I going to this small group? I haven't had the best experiences with Christians.

My Sister's Keeper
by Sarah D. Park with Jaz Jamora

JAZ AND MELODY are twins; they're fraternal and living out their separate stories.

Beautifully Autistic
Slow, Burdensome and For Keeps
by Susan Cho Van Riesen

MY SON IS a lollygagger. Josh doesn't have a problem taking his sweet time getting out of the car, or getting off the toilet.

Searching for the Language of Pain
by Chris Chacko

Close to three years ago, my sister and brother-in-law got married. No matter your birthplace or practicing faith, weddings are intrinsic to being Indian.

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