Issue #49 | Nov 01, 2016


AS PART of our public relations undergraduate degree at the University of Southern California, we were required to take a broadcast journalism class.
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Cover photography by Francis Stewart
Pride, Shame, and Other States of Being American
by Philip Silao

MY HEART SWELLED with pride as I ran closer to the Marine Corps War Memorial. The sculpture of brave men raising the American flag on Iwo Jima, Japan was too much for my one-sided, American history-infused heart to bear.

Interrupting History
One Movie at a Time
by Rachel Changchien

THERE WAS A TIME when Asians weren't considered the model minority. Rather than being maneuvered to be pitted against other minority groups, the early wave of Chinese immigrants were considered a direct threat to white populations.

Echoing Through the Generations of Japanese Americans
by Paul Matsushima

A FEW YEARS AGO, a couple of church friends and I visited Manzanar National Historic Site on the way to a fishing trip in Mammoth, California. It wasn't your typical detour — visiting an incarceration camp that imprisoned thousands of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Our Grandmothers are Fighting to be Heard
by Chris Kang

IF YOU'RE LIKE ME, you've watched a healthy amount of Korean drama. Korean dramas are notoriously addictive, despite their often-predictable storylines.

Deconstructing Borders
To Embrace a Vietnamese Kind of Love
by Jonathan Ng with Vincent Le

"OVER THESE PAST couple of years, thinking about Ferguson and learning terms like 'white supremacy' have changed the way I interact with my parents."

"Iron Fist" and Constructing an Asian American Legacy
by Benjamin To

I REMEMBER the movie scene vividly. In a dimly lit cinema amidst a sea of white faces, a young Bruce Lee was sitting at the center of it all.

The Making of Mary Metchnek
by Naomi Lee with Mary Metchnek

MARY METCHNEK: tanned skin, curly dark hair, and dark eyes. Her speech is tinged with Hawaiian Pidgin intonations and a Midwestern drawl — curiously, words of an African language also easily slip off her tongue in conversation.

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