Issue #52 | Feb 01, 2017


TO THIS DAY, I can't quite say what it is that brought me out of depression a few years ago.
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Cover photography by Paul Minagawa
Our Stories of Suffering
Rejecting the Silence of the Model Minority to Make Space for Lament
by Soong-Chan Rah

A FEW YEARS ago, a friend was working on a documentary on the immigrant story. He asked if he could tell parts of my childhood story of growing up in an inner-city neighborhood in Baltimore.

A Black Man's Lament, A Church's Reply
by Michael Kim-Eubanks

SOMETHING IN ME broke when I heard about Eric Garner. As I watched the cell phone footage of police officer Eric Pantaleo choking the life out of him, it was like I was watching a summary of America's relationship with Black people.

When Bad News Becomes Deafening
by Esther Cho with Sarah Park

I GREW UP in a Korean household where the news was always on in the background. It would play in Korean, so I distinctly remember not understanding what was happening.

Grieving Alone Together
by Esther Kim

MY BROTHER DIDN'T REALIZE Mom had died until her funeral. The relatives still say that it was better for him not to experience that final moment when she died of Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Who knows if they were right.

The Dark Voice
by Tim Ouyang

I CAN STILL vividly recall the night I knelt by the side of my bed begging God that I didn't want to be gay anymore. Tears were pouring down my face as I struggled to get my words out past the choking sobs.

Embracing Sadness to Find Joy
by B. Zhan*

I WAS 15 years old when I began a relationship with a man 10 years my senior. He was the youth leader at my church.

Seeking Help
by Skye Ali

Awake, O Sleeper
by Kenji Kuramitsu

I GRADUATED high school with over 30 unexcused absences from classes — each red mark an indictment on a day that I physically couldn't bring myself to get out of bed.

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