Issue #55 | May 01, 2017

This Adopted Life

Adoption is beautifully complex. In it are immense loss, constant unknowns and a love so deep it covers it all.
When I was a child, my go-to bedtime story was Jonathan London’s “A Koala for Katie”, a story about a girl named Katie who visits the zoo with her parents. In many ways, it seemed like he had written the story about me.
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Photography by Wonho Frank Lee

Wonho Frank Lee is a freelance photographer who primarily shoots for Eater LA and recently received his MFA from Cal State LA. Follow him on Instagram @WonhoPhoto.

Adoption is God's First Choice
By Kevin Doi

When my wife and I began dating, one thing I learned was that God had placed in her a desire to adopt. As a teen, Dorene was a fan of “Anne of Green Gables”, a story about an adoptee who grows to become an intelligent, strong, and resilient woman and teacher in her small town.

Lucky Number Seven
By Sarah D. Park

Runa’s story begins with the number 7. She is the seventh daughter out of seven daughters in her family. A few years later, her younger brother is born, and then a stepbrother joins the fold.

A Working Definition for Family
By Erin Crocker

I’m sure it was a hot and humid day in Seoul, South Korea. Being seven months pregnant just added to her discomfort. She was 26 and traveling on a bumpy street through the city.

Finding My Name in the Family Book
By Sara Wolfgram Chang

A mentor once told me, “Sara, you can’t out-dream the plans God has for you.” I slowly nodded back as waves of dissonance washed over me. Truth had collided with my functional theology. Did God have plans and dreams for me?

God Used Adoption to Save ... All of Us
By Ann Suk Wang

What have I done? I quietly asked myself this countless times the first year with our adopted child. Bonding was a challenge.

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