Alisa Wong hopes to display God's grace and truth.

American Christian Witness Damaged by Trump's Proposed Discriminatory Travel Check
By Russell Jeung

When informed that President Trump's administration has proposed a policy to check Chinese entering the U.S. for their social media, he thought that it aims to keep out terrorists.

The Guilty Pair
by James Yu

HAVE YOU EVER been rejected by a church? The first stop on my month-long Asia trip: Shanghai.

My Sister's Keeper
by Sarah D. Park with Jaz Jamora

JAZ AND MELODY are twins; they're fraternal and living out their separate stories.

“Asians Only” Not Allowed
What if ethnic-specific college fellowships were banned?
by Sue Han

I WAS ALONE in my dorm near the beginning of senior year when I found out. My friend called me while I was working on a paper.

No More Teachers, Still Some Books
What if schools didn’t use grades anymore?
by Uriah Lee with Jason Chong


Bare and Busting a Move
By Pete Sung

My little 3-year-old, John-Parker — we call him JP for short — loves to dance. And his jubilance is on its greatest display in his now traditional, post-bath, naked dance.

Bringing Synergy into the Education System
by Alisa Wong and Petrina Jap with Meg Palisoc

THE MAJORITY OF SYNERGY Charter Academies’ students enroll as illiterate and incredibly below grade level. At age five, many don’t know their letters, numbers, colors, or shapes.

Faith and Activism, Step by Step
Reflections from the Last Surviving Japanese American Who Walked in the 1965 Selma Protest
by Alisa Wong with Todd Endo

LOOKING AT A PHOTO FROM 1963, you can spot Todd Endo with his mother and other Nisei, second generation Japanese Americans, around his mother’s age.

We Are Family, All the Gangsters, Strangers and Me
by Alisa Wong with Lee Nguyen

LEE AND HAILY NGUYEN sleep in one room, which they share with their three young children.

A Story of Overcoming Abuse
By Giovanny Panginda with Bonnie Nakasuji

“The abuse I received was physical,” she reflected. “But of course with any abuse, there’s also an emotional component to it.”

Hidden Identities
By Matthew Bui

HE SITS ACROSS from me, sipping a hazelnut latte and enjoying the warmth of sunlight on his bronzed, oval-shaped face.