Jack Yu is a business major at the University of California, Irvine. His creative spirit drives his passion for photography and blogging. You can check out his work at jackyuphotography.com.

Me, Myself, and My Piano
By Jung Kim

There’s a “mascot” for my music: a nocturnal creature. It is often depicted by a silhouette of a raven. A nocturnal creature is a name I’ve given myself. The mascot not only describes my nature of staying up really late at night, but also describes the focus of most of my songs: loneliness.

Learning to Bring my Body to Worship
By Russell Yee

There I was at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, in the underground room traditionally considered the very place where Jesus was born.

Building Bridges for the Vietnamese Diaspora
By Ruth Le

In the library of the Alliance Evangelical Divinity School in Anaheim, California, I find Pastor Tai Nguyen hanging up a series of photos with an air of nostalgia, visual reminders of evangelism and his ministry in Vietnam before 1975.

Clinging to Hope During Uncertainty of the Japanese American Church
By Eric Iki

I grew up on a steady diet of Saturday mornings, pajamas, and cartoons. My brother and I would wake up as soon as the sun shone through the blinds. Together, we’d run to my parents’ room to ask them if we could watch TV.

They Don’t Want Us to Get Married
By Joshua Canada

It was an unusually warm March night in Northern Indiana. The expansive Midwestern sky was illuminated with starlight, but the beauty of the night was dimmed by the ire in my heart.

Church as a Transcendent Collective
by Chucky Kim

“COMMUNITAS AND COLLECTIVE effervescence describe aspects or moments of communal excitement; there is no word for the love — or force or need — that leads individuals to seek ecstatic merger with the group.” - Barbara Ehrenreich

Our Stories of Suffering
Rejecting the Silence of the Model Minority to Make Space for Lament
by Soong-Chan Rah

A FEW YEARS ago, a friend was working on a documentary on the immigrant story. He asked if he could tell parts of my childhood story of growing up in an inner-city neighborhood in Baltimore.

Expressing Love in the Aisles of Target
by TJ Moon with Heidi Kwon

I'M FLIPPING THROUGH my phone in Target, and glance over at my son. He doesn't want to leave and has been lying facedown and noncompliant on the floor for about five minutes.

The Guilty Pair
by James Yu

HAVE YOU EVER been rejected by a church? The first stop on my month-long Asia trip: Shanghai.

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles
A Savage Journey Through Art and Asian American Depression
By Jason Chu

FEAR. SADNESS. UNCERTAINTY. These emotions used to scare me, but I’ve been discovering that they’re actually the feeling of breaking new ground.

What Are They Doing Here?

ACCORDING TO TRIPADVISOR, you can’t experience Nashville without a visit to “Honky Tonk Row”, a downtown strip packed with world-famous venues where many great musicians started out.

A New Way to Relate to Rest

I ALWAYS ASSUMED I knew what Sabbath and rest looked like.I had a mental picture of solitude and silence, one that revolved around the idea of retreating — either into nature or into your own private space. Rest for me­ — especially as an introvert — meant taking a break from being around people and activity. Then my world turned upside down.

Eating Simply
by David Pat

YOU CAN'T FIND GAO YAO on a map of China. But in this small town, there’s an orphanage that takes care of girls who are already in their late teens — girls with disabilities because the caretakers wanted to focus on those that were more at risk.

by Jason Chu

“Wo zhu le Niuyue yi nian. Hen weixian; nali you hen duo heiren.”

We Are Family, All the Gangsters, Strangers and Me
by Alisa Wong with Lee Nguyen

LEE AND HAILY NGUYEN sleep in one room, which they share with their three young children.