Issue #54 | Apr 01, 2017


On an episode of “Parts Unknown” that took him to Israel, Anthony Bourdain approached a group of Orthodox Jewish men and asked if he too could pray at the Western Wall.
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Photography by Wonho Frank Lee
How Do I Introduce Myself?
Navigating multiracial identity and dismembering language
By Myles Markham

In 7th grade my geography teacher — in the name of celebrating our respective heritages — split us up into cultural groups and had us research our personal and group ancestries.

The Danger of a Simplified Whole
By Nora Asedillo Cunningham

The summer before I started high school, my family was in a bad car accident in upstate New York. When we returned home to New York City, we were still nursing a number of injuries from the crash.

Choose One
Black, Filipino, and Whole
By LeLe Skinner

In second grade, my teacher surveyed the class' ethnicity make-up to teach a lesson on sorting and categorizing. I remember looking at the paper, seeing the list of ethnicities, and reading those words: “Choose one”.

They Don’t Want Us to Get Married
By Joshua Canada

It was an unusually warm March night in Northern Indiana. The expansive Midwestern sky was illuminated with starlight, but the beauty of the night was dimmed by the ire in my heart.

A Marriage of Differents
By Justin Fung

“I’m in an interracial relationship.” I remember the moment I heard those words. I was sitting on my girlfriend’s couch as she talked on the phone with her parents, and she had just — after three months of dating — stumbled upon that revelation.

Cultivating Appetites
Eating as the Initial Rite of Acceptance
By Kevin Hu

After unloading the last box of books into my new office, a voice echoed from the hallway. Eat na tayo! Eat na tayo! Pastor Kevin, let’s eat!

Girl Meets Boy Meets Race
By Ashley Yong

My romance definitely started out in a recognizable way: I swiped right on Tinder on an incredibly attractive 21-year-old guy named Cory. We matched, but I thought little of it.

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